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Research on ethnic minorities and their sense-making of physical and mental health. Primarily focussed on open-access articles and those that have not been published (yet) in academic journals by trainee psychologists and those working directly with the public.*

World region

Research paper - short description of what it is about (1-2 sentences) and whom it was done with (i.e. language spoken, if relevant, and religious/ethnic minority)**

Indian Sub-Continent

Community radio talks with UK Punjabi South Asians on type 2 diabetes prevention and management A community preventive health series of radio talks on type 2 diabetes prevention and management amongst UK Punjabi-speaking South Asians

  • We have this in place as a lot of good quality research stays unpublished by these groups of people and we want to increase its visibility
    • If we have the details above it can help us to move it to more specific language pages and keep this brief for users

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