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There are many community organisations across the UK who aim to serve ethnic minorities in their area. Some of these will be aimed at specific communities and others across several ethnic groups. Some are local and others across the UK.


Categorising organisations can be tricky as locations and scope can shift and we do not always know which languages may be covered by a specific network or organisation. This information can always be added as we go along, so is not set in stone and we invite organisational and network members to update this. Additionally some networks may choose to not be visible, especially if they work with certain hidden communities (e.g. undocumented migrants), so it is important to get permission before adding an organisation where this is the case (it is best practice to check as standard). If they are already quite active and visible online as part of wider networks then that is a good sign that they may be willing to be listed here.



Spark and Company: A directory of over 800 resources for ethnic minorities covering various topics including housing, health, refugee support, faith based support, access to nature, LGBTQIA support and education

South Asian Health Foundation: Aiming to meet the health needs of South Asian communities

Punjabi Nepali


Balm Project: Aiming to support the mental health needs of the Afro-Caribbean community in Lewisham