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Welcome to In Our Own Words!

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In Our Own Words

Welcome to In Our Own Words wiki. Our aim is to use this as a platform to create a user-friendly dataset of terms in different languages to gather everyday terms people use to express their struggles, using a community-based approach. This includes difficult thoughts, feelings and sensations such as pain and discomfort in the body. Ultimately, we aim to use this to improve early access to early psychological support for ethnic minorities, particularly in Western healthcare contexts, when they are experience common physical and mental health issues. Many people experience physical symptoms when they experience stressful events and having physical health conditions or illnesses can be stressful (as the current situation with the COVID outbreak illustrates).

With that in mind, we aim to:

Create a shared language amongst people who use health care systems and healthcare professionals to express and recognise when a person is suffering and could do with early help to manage their psychological well-being. Help de-stigmatise struggle and move away from the language of clinical mental health disorders where possible. Create collaborations between people from different communities, psychological and healthcare staff to improve timely access to appropriate systems, information and advice to manage wellbeing (the links to which can be accessed here and here).

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