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Below are links to our core policies. These will be regularly reviewed over time as our network grows and activities change; however as we are a registered organisation who strive for equity for all involved in our work, we have made a start, with much appreciated input from our critical friends in the process.


Our work may involve interacting with vulnerable members of the public and will involve discussion of sensitive topics at times and this policy is essential for all of our members to follow. Our Safeguarding Lead is Dr Farah El-Miligui and she leads the process for addressing concerns (contact details on the page)

Safeguarding Policy

Data Protection[edit]

There may be times when we gather personal data from those who contribute to our knowledge base and online resource. However, we take individual privacy seriously. If you would like to be credited publicly for your contributions or raise any concerns please contact the Data Protection Lead, Dr Kiran Bains (contact details on the page)

Data Protection

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion[edit]

As a network which aims to help address issues around service access and health equity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in how we operate is crucial within. You can access our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy below.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Health and Safety Policy[edit]

Whilst most of our work is digital, remote, office-based work, it is important to manage our health needs. We may also engage in outreach in the future and the policies and procedures we put in place can help us to maintain our health at work. Our Health and Safety Officer is Dr Bandana Upadhya (contact details on the page).

Health and Safety Policy

Wellbeing Policy[edit]

We do not want to just think about how to protect ourselves and each other, but how we can support and nurture each other actively. To that end we have created a wellbeing policy below, and hope everyone can join us in turning this into reality.

Wellbeing Policy