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The Language[edit]

The official language of Nepal is Nepali.

Nepali Words & Phrases and their translations[edit]

These are the terms and phrases used in the Nepali/Nepalese language to describe one's experience and express distress, alongside their English translations. We have also included recording of the words and phrases as pronounced by a Nepali speaking person.

Talking about worry

Term/Phrase Meaning (in English) Part of the body affected (if applicable) Sound Recording Example use in a sentence
Byaa-kulta Worry; Anxiety Mind, Body – stomach, heart, palms, legs Byaa-Kulta Ma byaakul bhaye (I feel anxious)

Ooh kasto byaakulta bhayo (that person is anxious/suffering to anxiety)

Chan-chal Could be used playfully, could be used to communicate restlessness in the sense of worry or over-thinking Heart, Mind, Stomach, Legs Chan-Chal Mero mann chan-chal bhayo (my mind/heart is restless)
Chatt Patti Restlessness; feeling on edge, feeling nervous, fidgeting; uneasiness; shaking; feeling impatient; unable to sit still Heart, Body, Hands, Limbs Chatt Patti Malai chatpatti bhayo (I feel restlessness)
Chinta चिन्ता To worry, to care Heart, Mind, Muscles, Stomach, Shoulder Chinta Malai chinta paryo (I get worried) मलाई चिन्ता पर्यो
Dimak ma kura khelcha Rumination; Endless thoughts running though the mind; thinking about the same repeatedly (could be past or future events) Mind, Brain Dimak ma kura khelcha Dimak ma naramra kura khelcha (Lots of negative thoughts are running around in my head/mind)
Mann ma aandhi Turmoil in my heart/mind, restlessness, lack of clarity Heart, Mind Mann ma aandhi Mann ma aandhi aucha
Tension Feeling stressed, or worried or tensed Could be any part of the body but particularly head, neck, shoulder Tension Malai tension bhairaheycha (I am feeling worried/stressed; I have been worrying a lot)

Talking about sadness

Term/Phrase Meaning (in English) Part of the body affected (if applicable) Sound Recording Example use in a sentence
Aansu ayo Tears are pouring from my eyes; I feel tearful Eyes, Heart Aansu Ayo Mero aansu ayo
Chitta dukhyo Used to denote severe feelings of hurt, usually due to a troubling incident or the action of others (e.g. betrayal) Heart Chitta Dukhyo Timley tyesto bhanda mero chitta dhukyo (I felt really hurt when you said those things)
Dukha/Dukhi Sadness; Feeling sad. People may refer to a body part hurting as 'dukhi' e.g. mero tauko dukhi racha (my head is hurting) Can be any body part unique to the individual Dukha; Dukhi Malai dukha lagyo (I felt sad), Ma dukhi chu (I am sad)
Jeevan tyagnu Giving up/sacrificing (my) life. Suicidal thought relating to sacrificing your life for someone else or a particular reason, or possibly a way to express very extreme emotional state, wanting to escape the pain/situation Mind (thought) Jeevan Tyagnu Hera timro lagi jeevan tyagi dinchu
Mann bhari bhayo Heaviness in heart, emotional heaviness, Bottling things up, feeing weighed down, feeling a little sad/feeling low in mood; feeling hurt Heart Mann Bhari Bhayo Mero mann bhari bhayo (my heart is heavy)

Kasto mann bhari bhayo tyo kura suneyra (my heart feels heavy after listening to that)

Marna mann lagyo Related to expressing a deep sadness, frustration not necessarily expressing a desire to die (could be used in casual conversation) though could also be a suicidal thought Mind, Heart Marna Mann Lagyo Malai marna mann lagyo (I feel like dying)
Ma ta marchu hola Hopelessness; Feeling a sense of impending doom. Feeling as though unable to cope or survive what is happening (Tightness in) Heart Ma ta marchu hola Marchu = To die

Mata marchu hola jasto lagyo” (I feel as though I might die)

Pida Anguish, Torment, Emotional Pain Heart Pida Malai pida huncha/bhayo (I feel tormented)
Runa mann lagcha Feeling like crying Heart, Eyes Runa mann lagcha Malai runa mann lagcha (I feel like crying)
Udas To feel sad, feeling low in mood Heart, Mind Udas Ma Udas chu (I am sad)

Talking about fear

Term/Phrase Meaning (in English) Part of the body affected (if applicable) Sound Recording Example use in a sentence
Aatinu (Variants: Aatiye) To feel restless, anxious, scared Heart, Stomach, Limbs Aatinu, Aatiye Ma aatiye, mann kasto aatincha
Dar Fear Heart-mind, stomach, chest, limbs Dar Malai dar lagyo (I feel frightened)
Sato udhyo; Sato Gayo Feeling so frightened that the soul is said to leave the body; Scared/ frightened; Sato = Soul, Udhyo/Gayo = left or escaped Body Sato udhyo/gayo

Mero sato gayo

Tarsinu (Variants: Tarsinchu, Tarsey, Tarseyko) Scared, shocked, fearful Body Tarsinu/Tarsinchu Tyo kura ko yaad aucha ra ma tarsinchu

Referring to physiological manifestations of emotions or embodied feelings

Term/Phrase Meaning (in English) Part of the body affected (if applicable) Sound Recording Example use in a sentence
Betha Intense pain Anywhere in body Betha Bujenau timiley mero betha (you didn’t understand my pain)
Chot Wound; Can be described for a physical as well as emotional wound (eg: wound in heart) Heart Chot Malai chot lagyo
Futna khojcha chaati Extreme pain from heartbreak, loss of someone, something terrible happening Heart, Chest Futna khojcha chaati Futna khojcha chaati (My heart/chest wants to explode)

Jhalko auda atit ko futna khojcha chati (flashbacks from the past makes my heart want to explode)

Mutu Dhuk Dhuk मुटु ढुक् ढुक् Heart pounding. Dhuk Dhuk refers to the sound that heart makes Heart, Chest Mutu Dhuk Dhuk Mero mutu dhuk dhuk bhayo (My heart is pounding)

मेरो मुटु ढुक् ढुक् भयो


Term/Phrase Meaning (in English) Part of the body affected (if applicable) Sound Recording Example use in a sentence
Behos Hunu (also: Dhalnu) To faint, collapse, fall Body Behos hunu Chakkar lagda ma bihos hunchu (I faint when I feel dizzy)

Ma dhalnu lagey (I am about to faint/collapse)

Chakkar Dizziness May be a sensation in the body and/or brain Chakkar Malai chakkar lagcha (I feel dizzy)
Madhuro/Dhamilo dimag Foggy brain; feeling confused; unable to think clearly. Could refer to when someone is overthinking; Feeling overwhelmed; Short term memory loss" Brain Dhamilo Dimag Mero dimag dhamilo bhayo (My brain is foggy)
Mann मन् Heart, Soul Heart, Mind Mann Mann dukhnu (To be sad) !! मन दुख्नु

Mann ma kura khelyo (things bother/play in my heart) !! मनमा् कुरा खेल्यो

Mann Bhaari Bhayo मन् भारी भयो Heart-mind gets heavy or a heaviness in heart-mind Heart, Mind, Muscles, Stomach, Shoulder Mann Bhaari Bhayo Mero mann bhaari cha (My heart is heavy)

मेरो मन् भारी भयो

(Mann ma) Ghau Wound in (my) heart. Used to denote feeling hurt as if there is a physical wound in the heart caused by words, actions or incidents Heart Ghau Mero mann ma ghau ayo tyo ghatna pachi
Mann bujdaina My heart (mind?) does not understand. Used when referring to an inability to accept something, change oneself from reacting in a particular Heart, Brain Mann Bujdaina Mero mann bujdaina
Mann dhukhyo (my) heart hurts Heart Mann dhukhyo Tyo kura suneyra mero mann dhukyo (I felt hurt when I heard that)
Mann ma kura khelyo Rumination; my mind is full of thoughts/questions; replaying of the same thoughts/memory. Could be used to describe when one is worried or anxious; one may say ‘dimag ma kura khelyo” or ‘mann ma kura khelyo’ to refer to the same thing; people more likely to say ‘mann’/heart as they struggle to identify thoughts which may be located in the dimag/brain Heart, Mind Mann ma kura khelyo Mero mann ma kura khelyo (there are things in my mind)

Mailey mero mann ma kura rakhi ranchu (I tend to keep feelings hidden in myself)

Mann ma rakhi rakhney Keeping feelings to self, bottling things up; not sharing feelings or thoughts with others Heart Mann ma rakhi rakhney Mailey mero mann ma kura rakhi ranchu (I tend to keep feelings hidden in myself)
Mutu/Mann jali rakhey ko cha The heart is burning with hurt or jealousy. May be said to denote feeling hurt by what someone else has said or done; or to denote feelings of jealousy or even anger Heart Mutu jali rakheko cha Mero mutu jali rakhey ko cha (My heart is burning with jealousy)
Mann Shanta Hunna मन् शान्त हुन्न Heart/soul is restless. Refers to heart palpitations as experienced in fear, anxiety, excitement Heart, Mind, Muscles, Stomach, Shoulder Mann Shanta Hunna Mero mann shanta chaina (My heart/soul is not at peace) !! मेरो मन् शान्त छैन्
Mutu मुटु Heart (body part), refers more to the actual anatomy Heart Mutu Mero mutu dukhcha (It hurts my heart)!!

मेरो मुटु दुख्छ

Nindra Lagena I can’t sleep or I am having problems sleeping; I am finding it hard to switch off; possibly insomnia. Could be when someone is overthinking and unable to sleep Brain, mind, body (awake) Nindra Lagena Malai nindra lagena (I can’t sleep)
Shanta/Shanti शान्त/शान्ित Peace, calmness, lightness Heart, Mind, Muscles, Stomach, Shoulder Shanta_Shanti Mann ko ko shanti (Peace of mind)!!

मनको शान्ित Mero mann shanta cha (my heart-mind is at peace) !! मेरो मन् शान्त छ

Yaad (ayo) Missing/Thinking about someone, Longing for Mind/Brain Yaad Ayo Timro yaad ayo (I am missing you; I am longing for you Grief, loss, heartbreak)

The body[edit]

Body Diagram

Number Meaning (in English) Meaning in (insert language) Recording
1 Head Example Example
2 Eyes Example Example
3 Nose Example Example
4 Mouth Example Example
5 Ear Example Example
6 Mind Example Example
7 Shoulder Example Example
8 Chest, heart Example Example
9 Stomach, gut Example Example
10 Arm Example Example
11 Hand Example Example
12 Thigh Example Example
13 Knee Example Example
14 Foot Example Example
15 Back Example Example

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